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      1. Election 2019

        Get the details on the CEC policies and candidates in this coming federal election
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        Stop 'Bail-in'

        In February 2019 the IMF demanded the Australian government implement a full bail-in system.
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        Break up the Banks!

        Join the fight today for a separation of banks with deposits from all other financial activities
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        Latest CEC Report

        17 Apr 2019
        Assange despised for proving the evil of regime change / S&P covers up Australian bail-in

        Latest Media Release

        18 Apr 2019
        Australian leaders must demand justice for Julian Assange

        Welcome to the CEC website

        Latest Updates

        The CEC will stop any ‘bail-in’ of Australians’ savings deposits.

        7 Apr 2019

        The Senate Economics Legislation Committee is currently conducting an inquiry into the Banking System Reform (Separation of Banks) Bill 2019 tabled in the Senate by Senator Pauline Hanson on 12 February.

        15 Apr 2019